Balsam P88

A new original product for everyday face care.. And not only.
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As with any beauty product you add to your daily treatment, faithful use in the long run is what offers the best results. We believe the BALSAM P88 serum with Aloe, Collagen micro molar, Hyaluronic Acid and Medical Cannabis is absolutely necessary (must-have) in your beauty care , especially if you already notice fine lines and wrinkles.

- Nobody can guarantee your child's skin, but we can make a big difference in beauty and youthfulness, as we grow older!

What is the BALSAM P88?

It is an original product of scientific research, which has achieved the perfect combination of skin products in a scientific formula for better action on the skin of the face and not only.

In BALSAM P 88, we combined ALOE, Micro Molar Collagen, Skin Absorbable Hyaluronic Acid and Pharmaceutical Cannabis!!

We tested it on a daily basis in Morning and Evening for all types of skins and all of them answered almost the same. It is magic , fantastic!!

The ingredients of this Formula :

The presence of Aloe in your skin contributes to anti-aging, increasing cell renewal and rapid replacement of depleted cells, and of course, it IS soothing and therapeutic in any irritation, minor burns and / or redness.

Aloe barbadensis or aloe vera offers anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, antioxidant, moisturizing and soothing and anti-aging properties for the skin.

We could write a whole book about Aloe and we just want to emphasize that it works and works perfectly with the other ingredients of BALSAM P88 ,such Cannabis, Collagen and Hyaluronic!

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2) The presence of Hyaluronic acid provides the skin ..
1. Moisturizing skin care.
2. Prevents and repairs damage to the skin cells.
3. Nourishes the skin, delaying aging of the skin.
4. It also achieves excellent lubricity and smoothing of the skin in the appropriate molar form.

3) Collagen
The search for beautiful young skin appears to be based on a simple protein called collagen. It is the basic building block of healthy skin and connective tissues. When we are young, we produce it in abundance. Unfortunately ,for those of us who have matured and for a long time passed the peak of collagen production, one might say that we are doomed to loose and fallen skin.

The natural renewal of the skin cells takes about 21 days to complete, but this duration increases with our age - so it is best to allow a cycle of complete cell renewal to see effects on the epidermis,after 4-6 weeks use!

-Finally, the presence of the Pharmaceutical Cannabis literally takes off the BALSAM P88 Formula.
Fats or lipids containing hemp oil are similar to those on the skin. This makes it an effective moisturizer and skin protective. It increases skin elasticity and brings new life into dry, tired or dehydrated skin.

The combination of all these ingredients, is the strongest and most effective care for your skin that a serum can offer!

MEDICAN Hellas, which has all the responsibility for the production and marketing of the BALSAM P 88, has ensured it at an incredibly affordable price!!!